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I created this space with one vision… To create a space where anyone and everyone felt comfortable walking through the doors. I am not your average gym owner, I’m not even your average gym goer…I’m just a big guy that likes lifting heavy objects. I workout to help my mental health more than my physical health.
Lifting heavy makes me feel less anxious and happier. I’m taking a hard left hand turn in life
opening this gym, and hope you join me on this journey!


Tommy Daniels is the Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach at Saint Mary’s University
where he works primarily with Men’s Football, Men’s Basketball, and Women’s Soccer. Tommy
Daniels is a recent graduate of Acadia University where he completed his Bachelor’s of Kinesiology. During his time at Acadia Tommy was a member of the Exercise Science and
Training Practicum, which provided him with a wealth of knowledge and experience working with a variety of populations.
While at Acadia University, Tommy started to train for and participate in competitive powerlifting. He was also a member of the Olympic Weightlifting Club at Acadia. Tommy has competed in both the CPU and the CPF and continues to pursue strength in a variety of ways while coaching athletes full time. His favorite powerlift is the deadlift, even though he pulls sumo like a cheater!


Allison’s strength journey started unconventionally while training for a triathlon! Tri training led her to a kickboxing gym for some extra conditioning, where kickboxers  trained next to kettlebells, pull up rigs, and squat racks. Allison quickly found a barbell in her hands and it was love at first lift. 

Today, Allison is a NCCP Competition Certified Weightlifting Coach and a Level 1 Catalyst Athletics Certified Weightlifting Coach. She works with all levels of lifters, from beginners to competitive athletes, but particularly loves helping people improve their lifts through better movement and technical ability. Her own experience as a competitive lifter along with her formal coaching training gives her the ability to provide effective instruction and correction on the Olympic lifts.


Credentials: Bachelors of Arts in Human Kinetics, Bachelors of Education In Physical Education, CSEP-CPT, National Level
Body Builder

Day job: Fitness and Sports Instructor for the Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services

Favourite lift: SQUATS, all types. Love OH press too though

Other interests: Anything Outdoors, Dancing, Reading, Dogs and Mental Training (Metaphysics)

Sport: 4x Nationals in the Bikini Body Building Division, currently making the switch to Figure

Fav Pre-workout Fuel: Pop-tarts & Oatmeal
Fav Quote: What you focus on expands.

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