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I created this space with one vision… To create a space where anyone and everyone felt comfortable walking through the doors. I am not your average gym owner, I’m not even your average gym goer…I’m just a big guy that likes lifting heavy objects. I workout to help my mental health more than my physical health.
Lifting heavy makes me feel less anxious and happier. I’m taking a hard left hand turn in life
opening this gym, and hope you join me on this journey!


Ashley joins as a Strength and Conditioning coach specializing in powerlifting.

Education: ​BRSS Kinesiology, University of New Brunswick, 2012

​Certifications: NSCA, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, 2016 CSEP, Certified Personal Trainer, 2012 CPU coaching course, 2017​ Ashley competes as a powerlifter in the Canadian Powerlifting Union and holds Nova Scotia provincial records in the 52kg weight category for the squat, bench press, deadlift, and total. ​CPU Powerlifting Coach at Nationals

Favourite lift: Deadlift . There is nothing like picking something heavy off the ground! It’s so raw. So animalistic. Most likely why I’m really enjoying Strongman training right now. 
I lift because I like to push myself to new limits physically and mentally. This strength training carries over to all aspects of my “real life”.


Credentials: Bachelors of Arts in Human Kinetics, Bachelors of Education In Physical Education, CSEP-CPT, National Level
Body Builder

Day job: Fitness and Sports Instructor for the Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services

Favourite lift: SQUATS, all types. Love OH press too though

Other interests: Anything Outdoors, Dancing, Reading, Dogs and Mental Training (Metaphysics)

Sport: 4x Nationals in the Bikini Body Building Division, currently making the switch to Figure

Fav Pre-workout Fuel: Pop-tarts & Oatmeal
Fav Quote: What you focus on expands.

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