What’s a gym without the people inside? Just a building full of heavy shit.

Founded by Dave Prime in 2020, our gym’s vision is for our members to take a step back from mirror selfies and intimidating gym environments and experience a unique, comfortable place for everyone from seasoned lifters to beginners alike. We want to become the strongest gym in the HRM, while building a sense of community where instead of lifting alone in your world to your own beat, you’re training with friends to the sound of weights clanging and plates hitting the platform.

Our Club is a fusion of grit from your old college weight room, filled with new school amenities. We provide HRM’s largest collection of specialized strength sports equipment in a space where you can jump, lift, sweat, and get stronger every day.


We’re all a work in progress and everyone is on their own journey. We hope to spread the concept that everyone and anyone can get stronger. Remember, this isn’t your average Olympic or power lifting gym, and it’s not your buddy’s basement… but it’s definitely somewhere in between.

How do I join The Club?

All you gotta do is pay your dues…